Artwork Guidelines

The quick read! - The safest way to submit most files: 100dpi CMYK TIFF at output size.

  1. For the best results, make sure your files are CMYK. This can avoid color shifts, but RGB files are usually fine as well.
  2. If you are submitting a TIFF, PSD or JPG, your files should be 100dpi at output size.
    • If using Photoshop, click "Image" from the top menu items and then select "Image Size"
    • Make sure the Document Size settings are in Inches and reflect the size of your job.
    • The resolution should be 100 “pixels per inch".
  3. Photoshop - supply flattened PSD or TIFF files. .
  4. Illustrator - Supply .ai Version CS3 or lower or PDF, make sure all text is converted to paths.
  5. InDesign / Freehand / Quark - supply PDF only.
  6. CorelDraw - CDR (all text converted to paths) or PDF files only.