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Our Classic Line is characterized as one or two-color vinyl graphics manufactured from colored roll vinyl stock. The Classic Line is unique since it offers many unique color options, thousands of ready-made designs, and can be custom sized just about any way you desire. Take a look around. Our online tools make it easy!

If you add a Shadow effect to your lettering, we will design it with a "block shadow" style. Our lettering program does not display
this great looking effect accurately- but here is an example:

Material Overview

  • Base Colors: premium quality 2-mil cast film with a 7-year outdoor durability rating. It is the perfect choice for automotive, fleet, marine, or outdoor signage where quality, color matching, conformity over rivets, corrugations and long term durability is required.
  • Reflective Films: are premium engineer-grade 7-year films. They meet Federal Specifications LS-300C and FP-85 for reflective intensity.
  • Metallic and Ultra Metallic: films are formulated for excellent surface gloss, color depth and complete opacity. These films carry a 5-year outdoor durability rating.
  • Mirror Vinyl: films (Gold and Chrome) are a high-quality 2-mil polyester film that carrys a 2-year outdoor durability rating.
  • ShadeShift Chamelon: premium cast iridescent vinyl film with a dramatic color shift appearance. Designed for use as decorative decals and in a variety of general-purpose and signage applications. Outdoor rating of 5 years.
  • The other films we carry are rated at 5 years or more and are premium grade only.

The uses for vinyl are endless!

  • Customize a vehicle
  • Boat transom graphics
  • Personalize your car window
  • Decorate a computer case
  • Advertise your business
  • Interior and exterior signs
  • Announcement and holiday designs
  • Embelish existing lettering or signs
  • Make labels for things around the house or garage
  • Racing and motorsports vinyl graphics
  • Storefront advertising
  • Restraunt and menu pictorals
  • Decorative wall graphics
  • And much more!

Easily applies to glass or any smooth surface. Use the "reverse-cut" option for inside of glass installations. See how colors compliment each other and much more! Choosing the right lettering combination is a breeze. The more you order, the more you save. Please note: if you order a two-color graphic, you will apply two graphics, one on top of the other. We include registration marks so alignment is easy. If you are concerned, order a bottle of application fluid.

These designs are cut from our high performance cast vinyl leaving no background. So the shape you see, is what will be applied. It looks painted on. All of the graphics are premasked with application transfer tape, ready to apply.

If you are creating a design with multiple colors, just install the vinyl on top of each other to achieve your desired look. Using application fluid makes this a breeze and we include registration marks, so alignment is easy for multi-colored graphics. The custom lettering can be created here in lots of styles and fonts.

Click here to start designing!

Select CATEGORY, then click VIEW STYLES

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